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 by Kirk Brummett, RLA, ArtisTree Landscape Architect

You gotta love it. The first day of Spring rolls around and homeowners become best buds with their buds all over again -- the tightly furled buds of a prolific azalea, a buttery hibiscus or velvety-purple day lily. Doesn’t matter if plants are annuals or perennials, it’s as though humans are waking up and seeing their colorful blossoms for the very first time.

Spring has a way of doing that to us, even here in “seasonless” Florida. I had the privilege of witnessing a homeowner’s euphoria just last week -- a woman whose words were spilling over like a cascading bougainvillea as she walked through her courtyard to discuss her desired landscape. It was sort of a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious moment where, in her state of extreme excitement, all her words tumbled out together. Unfortunately, there’s no way I could ever write them down, but I was at least able to make out one of her last sentences as we walked around to the front.

Sweeping her arms across a shaded expanse of sidewalk pavers, she asked, “What do you think about planting some bougainazaleas over here?”

Happy first day of Spring, everyone.





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