Mule palm adds kick to Florida landscapes.

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One of ArtisTree’s favorite palms is the rare mule palm, distinguished by a trait of its mammal namesake: Neither can reproduce.  Native to Florida, the mule palm isn’t inexpensive; however, it does offer characteristics that no other palm can beat. A cross between a Queen palm and the Pindo, this sturdy hybrid brings you the best of all worlds—aesthetics, fast growth, salt and drought tolerant, and extremely hardy in Southwest Florida’s cold and windy pockets. Mule palms can withstand Continue Reading


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by Shawn Gulbrandsen, ArtisTree Landscape Designer & ISA Certified Arborist Q: I live on the water in Southwest Florida and need a dramatic focal point for my home’s front yard. Do you have a palm recommendation for me? A: While there are several dramatic and beautiful palms to choose from, not too many tolerate the salty air and sea spray of a coastal location. But you’re in luck because there is one that’s sure to get your neighbors and guests talking: the dreamy, almost-voluptuous Continue Reading



Situated directly on the Gulf of Mexico, this home was subjected to direct salt spray and unobstructed storms year round. The homeowners, who wanted to share their coastal lifestyle with family and friends, asked ArtisTree to create a no-turf landscape that was aesthetically pleasing, functional and congruent with the home’s architecture. They also requested that the design achieve the highest level of LEED accreditation possible: Platinum.  More photos below. The Design Since the Continue Reading



by Maria Muhlhahn, ArtisTree Purchasing Manager Q: I’d like to start a tropical bromeliad section in my landscape, but I have no idea if they’ll work in my Southwest Florida garden.  What’s your experience with bromeliads? A: First, there’s nothing better than bromeliads to give a landscape a tropical look, so you’re going in the right direction.  In general bromeliads are inexpensive (unless you purchase very mature specimens), easy to grow, require very little care, and reward the Continue Reading