At ArtisTree, we do what we say we’re going to do. Forty bags of mulch, not 30. Wall-to-wall pest control, not spot treatment. You get our commitment to quality regardless of the price or size of your job, and not just during the honeymoon period, either. Welcome to services that surpass your specs.


We have specialized teams who are experts at what they do. Unlike some of our competitors, we’d never ask a mow guy to prune your shrubs or a shrub guy to check your sprinkler heads. (These are the kinds of things a typical maintenance schedule never reveals.)


ArtisTree promises you a thorough, hands-on inspection conducted every month by account execs who are certified with years of experience in the horticultural industry. We also closely supervise our uniformed crews every week to help keep your property looking its best.


Because we know how important communication is, we guarantee that your inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours if not sooner, especially for emergency situations. Your community will be assigned a dedicated account executive.


  • We guarantee your turf for as long as we’re maintaining it. If it dies, we replace it at our cost.
  • Mowing patterns are periodically changed to help eliminate grooves.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we cut around sprinkler heads or “donuts” to keep your lawn evenly watered.
  • We do not use Round-up to edge your beds.
  • Machines and equipment are operated safely under strict guidelines.
  • All equipment is removed at the end of each workday.
  • All walkways, roads and common areas are cleared at the end of each workday, and all debris is hauled off.
  • Blades are changed and sharpened daily to help ensure a quality cut.


To help prevent turf replacement, ArtisTree uses the most effective product available to control chinch bugs these little guys, and when required, applies it “wall to wall” instead of just spraying it here and there.

A word to the wise: Our weed control is limited to the broadleaf variety, as there is no product currently out on the market to effectively treat sedge, carpet grass, crab grass and other “grass” type weeds. Don’t be misled by companies who tell you differently.

ArtisTree uses chemical-free solutions whenever possible.


For ArtisTree, knowledge is power, which is why we like to collect soil samples, if needed, instead of guessing how to treat and maintain your valuable property. Are lime or iron treatments in order? Let’s take a look. That way, we’re off to an informed start.

Then we’ll prepare a maintenance contract that calls for six fertilizer applications a year to maintain the consistent health of your turf. No short-changing your schedule with inferior product. ArtisTree also adheres to all county ordinances.


Healthy trees, hedges and shrubs enhance property values, filter air pollutants, shelter wildlife and help cool exteriors. Because diseases and pests don’t wait every other month to do their damage, you’ll see ArtisTree out on your property every month pruning and monitoring. While other companies may cut back, we step things up to help you avoid costly plant replacement.

  • Pruning
  • Deep-root fertilization
  • Removing debris
  • Controlling diseases and pests by applying appropriate chemicals
  • De-mossing
  • Grinding stumps
  • Tree and palm pruning
  • Turf consulting

ArtisTree’s ISA certified arborists provide professional tree management services to properly care for and safeguard your trees.


ArtisTree installs and manages irrigation systems to keep everything running smoothly and to help maintain the health and beauty of your property.

  • Proficient with all irrigation methods, manufacturers and models
  • Compliant with all county and state water restrictions
  • Irrigation warranty available to cover all repairs and replacement parts
  • Ongoing internal and external training from recognized irrigation manufacturers

Irrigation management services:

  • Inspection and monitoring of entire system monthly
  • Manual checks of each zone and valve
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance of wells
  • Standard trimming of sprinkler heads or “donuts”
  • Repairing and retrofitting systems
  • Water source inspections
  • Check and set irrigation clocks
  • Back-flow device certified
  • 24-hour response time for service calls
  • 24-hour emergency service available


Ask about ArtisTree’s award-winning design services. We’re asked to revitalize many of the communities we serve and offer a lifetime plant replacement warranty for as long as we maintain the properties. We can work with your existing layouts and plant life, or start from scratch if you prefer.


ArtisTree is happy to provide you with an estimate for the following:

  • Plugging and sodding
  • Mulching
  • Concealment management
  • Hazard and emergency care
  • Annual planting
  • Turf consulting
  • Emergency water truck services

Our services are available in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Venice, Boca Grande, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Casey Key, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lido Key and Bird Key.